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What would y'all say is the perfect set of makeup brushes that works best??? An I mean that don't fall apart or anything like that? An what products work best to clean those makeup brushes...?!?! I need help lol. 

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  • Barbie Steele

    I got a huge assortment of brushes from different brands. I haven't had any trouble with the bristles falling out. I just use a mild dish detergent like Ivory and air dry. Does the trick for me and I'm pleased with my results.

  • Melissa Griffith

    I have some IT Cosmetic brushes that I have had for years. They don't shed, or loose shape after cleaning. They can be a bit pricey, but Ulta has them on sale a lot. Also the home shopping channels and IT cosmetics' website will often times offer a free brush with the purchase of certain products. That is how I got most of mine. I have received some Luxie brushes thru subscription boxes which I love when they are new, but they can be prone to shedding after cleaning. ColorPop also has some pretty decent very reasonably priced brushes. I usually just use antibacterial dish washing Liquid, or Philosophy's purity face cleaner to cleanse my brushes. Subscription services like Ipsy and Boxycharm are really great for building up a brush collection at really good prices. Often times we at least get a brush and sometimes a set, plus you will get some makeup and skin care products. They also have cleansers for the tools in their boxes sometimes as well. If you join just fill out your quiz and put that you want makeup tools as much as possible.

  • Manisha Khanduri

    I use No.7 make up brushes and they are the best

  • Marlena Fannin

    It looks like you have a pretty nice looking set of brushes there. As far as I have seen, it seems like most of the ladies have various methods of cleaning their brushes.