Will WEN save my hair? First time using a hair mask

Hey Prismpop it's Christine Barger again! Today I am trying a product that's new to me called WEN hair mask.
I've never tried a hair mask before. I didn't expect the product to be so similar to styling product in texture. I like the container and scent a lot. I was so pleased in the result. I couldn't get a brush through my hair and it was a terribly dry rats nest before...after it was so silky and smooth. I'm so glad I tried WEN hair mask.
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  • Cestlavia Batiste

    A friend of mine used the wen products and loved them..thanks for this review !

  • Gilda Gonzalez

    OMG I totally need this, specially with my curly hair it gets tangled all the time

  • weimin chen

    I am always a little hesitant when it comes to wen products (thanks to their whole shampoo incident) but maybe their hair mask is something different since it does not require any surfactants to do the trick.

  • Valerie Reeves

    I would definitely try this I am in to minty citrus smells right now for some reason ...also love stuff that helps my beautiful hair

  • Anna hudson

    I have lots of friends who swear by wen products.

  • Lindley

    I never tried it, heard it was a good brand, really want to try WEN!

  • Christine Harris

    Have never tried it but would love to

  • Sally Lawson

    I don't care much about Wen when I tried it,it left my hair feeling on the oily si3

  • Sarah

    A product I was skeptical about was cake by Marc Anthony well anyways marc Anthony bought the company awhile ago I love the wave maker spray its sugar infused great for beach waves style smells great and gives just enough hold without making your hair stiff!

  • Jennifer

    As a hairdresser I personally wouldn’t use wen ... if you really want a good conditioner try redken extreme

  • Sharon Harmon

    Wow! A transformation. I have not used this product yet but can’t wait to try it. Your hair looks fabulous and silky,

  • Sarah Wennihan

    Great video! I have personally never used WEN products, but your results look amazing. I didn't used to use hair masks because I have oily hair/scalp, but one of my friends convinced me to try them. I use one about once a week now, my scalp has never been healthier.

  • Patricia

    That mask seems really good, your hair looks amazing, I never tried WEN products because I've heard too many horror stories, the most frequent is hair loss, but I think that is their conditioning shampoos that are too much, masks must be safe to use, great review! The one product that still surprises me with great results is RoC Retinol Deep Wrinkle Serum, I tried so many different Retinol formulas, the super expensive ones, and nothing erases my frown line like RoC's Retinol Serum does, so glad it's affordable and sold at drugstores.

  • Tina Geane

    Amazing, incredible review, you did an amazing job explaining the Wen product, and the difference was very dramatic. I'm happy you found your Go-To product. I thought I would NEVER use a Hair Balm in my hair, which is thin, flat, and they are using kinda greasy, which wouldn't help me with my flat hair. I got MISTRESS HYDRATING HAIR BALM by IGK, I thoight okaaay OMG its amazing, I use it every day, and it in a huge tube you need a quarter size amount on towel dried hair, then blow dry, I HAVE body, shine, blow dry time is less some it's weird, my hair stays for 2- 3 days it actually looks better the 2nd day. This is my new go to! Thanks for Sharing your product Christine, Awesome Job!

  • Analisia

    I want to try this I've been looking for a good hair mask.

  • Makeuplover02273

    I have tried a couple of different products from wen. But I haven't tried this one, but it looks super amazing. Great video!

  • Naf

    Wow. I can see the difference. was skeptical about dry shampoo because I thought that it would damage my hair. But I was pleasantly surprised because it deeply cleanses them and keeps them soft too.

  • Aletha Stewart

    Wow it did a great job on her hair I can see the difference.

  • Jennifer Barnhouse

    It'll help smooth frizzy thick hair you should start to see an feel the difference in a few uses. My daughter has extra curly thick hair and we've used something similar

  • Ashley Hunt

    A product I was skeptical about that actually surprised me is texture spray! I really didn't think it would help with volume and help keep my hair from falling flat. I have very long straight hair so it does seem to still fall flat but texture spray actually helps for a few hours before it becomes flat! The stickiness is what I don't care for though.

  • Gretchen

    I wanna try this,😒My hair is frizzy and damage this might gonna help to my hair..

  • Elizabeth ML

    This sounds really cool. So the product I was skeptical about but it really worked was : tony moly peeling shoes. You wear these little booties around and the solution they are soaked in makes your feet softer. They seem pretty weird but actually work.

  • Melissa Griffith

    Wen has a wonderful cleansing conditioner that saved my hair wen I dyed it platinum.

  • Teresa Vetter

    Very good review! Now I need to try this WEN hair mask

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