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Wine, Dine and...PRIME?! Let's Test No Poreblem Primer!

Before foundation or concealer, the most important part of any makeup look should be your primer. It sets and gives your face makeup something to really cling onto.
Honestly, I used to never use primer up until a few years ago. I was one of those girls who would just shrug off the concept yet complain about how crusty and creasey my foundation was. I never knew how important priming was until I really needed to do it. A good primer helps to do an assortment of things--from hydration, color correcting to reducing enlarged pores and so much more.

Touch in Sol has a primer called No Poreblem which targets enlarged pores, fine lines & all sorts of deep set wrinkles. Pretty much everything that makes up my face! Hahaa No Poreblem Primer acts as a veil to seamlessly cover up these imperfections with a smooth and velvety appearance that mattes out sebum and oily T-zones!
The liquid is a pinky color with a very velvet feel when swatched on the hand. But on the face, it almost has a waxy texture. Not sticky at all but a little slick. Like you have something on your face.
Despite the above mention, it does not feel heavy at all. You'd think with a waxy slick feeling, it'd feel like a bucket of hot goop on your cheeks but it isn't. It actually is very lightweight, almost non-existent only when touched by fingertips!
Green Tea Extracts help to protect & energize the skin while being infused with soluble Collagen helps maintain skin moisture levels and elasticity.
For the sake of this review, I used the primer alone and with Touch in Sol Prime Essence. (It was said that for best results use with each other, so I wanted to test that theory!)▪️Alone--you definitely can see the difference. My enlarged pores are very dominant without the primer. But with the primer--smoothe and flawless.

▪️With the essence--the serum mixed with the primer giving my skin a rather 'sticky' feel. It also gave my skin a glistening glimmer that defeats the whole 'matte primer' aspect of No Poreblem alone. My pores weren't as reduced as they were with the primer alone BUT it did cover them a lot more than having no primer at all.All tests combined, I much prefer using the primer alone. Maybe a bit of some moisturizing cream to help with my dry skin but I definitely like the feeling and overall look of the primer by itself. I love a good mattifying foundation look!!

Thank you for viewing my post! Feel free to follow, like, comment & rate as helpful~! Xoxo

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  • Crystal R Gonzales

    I love the title of this post! lol

  • Flor

    Wow thanks for those pictures, great small details are everything.

  • Jennifer

    Wow ..beautiful I am new to PrismPop and ur post is the first one I clicked on. So glad I did great review and great results. It is so hard to find detailed reviews on popular social media beauty products. I was previously a youtuber review hunter until I found PrismPop! I'm hooked thanks for this.

  • Jesica Dillon

    Thanks so much for the review hadn't seen such a detailed and on point one in a while. Great prod. Also adored the look and could totally use a hat like that (had skin carcinoma, should be taking extra precautions about the sun) and never seem to get one like that. Thanks.

  • Cait Burrie

    Great review girl! I clicked in your link to this post from the primer showdown and I thought I commented on this post before, but I couldn’t find it. Anyways, another fantastic review! The pictures are great, the primer is awesome! I can not wait to get mine. I mentioned in the other review I found No Poreblem on Boxycharms pop up sale $6 so I am so excited after seeing bothering if your posts seeing that I also suffer from enlarged pores!

  • Tia kitchens

    As Nikki tutorials would say, “not to prime, is a crime”

  • DeNaris Murray

    I have to get me some of that....beautiful 😍

  • Hob Daniels

    I gotta have my primer. Right bowbim using the green from covergirl and not only is it amazing it smells soooo good.

  • Brittany Rolley

    Omg!!!! I'm astonished an shocked an absolutely excited on how you did your review, honestly this is the way its supposed to be done. Absolutely amazing. An hour absolutely flawless, you look stunning. I wanna try for sure!!!!

  • Tanmaya

    I love your look ❤️And love your review 😁

  • Shell🐚Bee🐝

    Wow girl your makeup is on point! It looks amazing!

  • Robin Bell

    You are so chic and stunning. I wish I could pull off this look

  • Dawn

    I have never tried a primer before, by the looks of it you can definitely see a difference and I'm reading that it helps your makeup stay on longer. I think I'm going to have to try it ♥️

  • Lisa Barrett

    I need this product! Thank you for the info.

  • Amy31

    Great review! I test the effectiveness of a primer by working out, crying at a good movie, and seeing how long it will last in the pool.

  • Asti Custard

    Thanks for the review

  • Brandi Wells

    Love your review!

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    I need a good primer and these sounds pretty good so I may have to check these out for myself. Some primers feel tacky or to watery so I just have to try one till I find what works best for me.

  • Joylynn Grindle

    I do enjoy a good primer, would love to check this out. To see the difference it has made in your look gives me confidence No Problem Primer will work for me. Unfortunately the No Poreblem Prime Essence looks like its not oily friendly. I don't like to look like a porcelain doll so I'll have to pass. I like to try my new primers out with me favorite foundation at the moment with is Revlon colorstay 24 hr. Since I use this the most I feel its very important for your primer and foundation to work good together in order to get the finishing out come I'm looking for.

  • Kelly K

    I want to try this so bad!!!! This looks amazing!!! Congrats on getting a bag! I tank my mascara needs as: volume, length, curl, longevity, then ease of removal. My favorite mascara is Controlled Chaos Mascara because it makes your lashes fuller without clumping!

  • Melissa Green

    Ok, you totally sold me on the No Poreblem Primer...this has become my newest "must have" item. As for the No Poreblem Prime Essence, I think I'll probably pass on that one. I am probably one of the most stubborn people alive when it comes to changing up my makeup routine so I have yet to use a primer. That being said, looking at your before and after pics, I'm going to order some No Poreblem Primer today. It's time to shake things up a bit and see what a primer can do for me. Thanks for the excellent review and super helpful photos. Maybe I'll post a review myself on this primer once I get to try it out. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  • Ana Moreno

    WOW!!!! It's just incredible how the skin changed with the primer on! That was me!!! I few years ago I started to use foundation maybe like 4, 5 I always do just my eyes but with about primer base or anything like that, it was a mess 😂😂😂😂 but me ¡ feeling like I was looking great! Never again!!! 😂😂😂😂 I know that a good and correct face and eye preparation MAKES THE DIFFERENCE!!!!! 😅👏🏾 I would love to try this primer out, looks like works super!!!!!! Thank you for sharing 😊 😘

  • Pauline

    It is a definite close up on doing in those open pores. Primer did a good job of masking the pores. It was very convincing that they are gone. You could be a candidate for a derma -braison for your type skin. I recommend for the look you need without product, a Dermatologist near you.

  • Christina Knittel

    Great review of these two pore perfecting products! I am now SO interested in finding and trying the primer! Skin looks great and not cakey at all. Love!

  • Brooke Wallace

    The photos for the before and after are amazing and really show how effective the products are! Rank these mascara benefits in order of importance to you! (Curl, Volume, Length, Longevity, Ease of removal). I test the effectiveness of a primer when I get a new one by taking photos and it is also important to me how the primer feels on my skin when I apply it and throughout the day.