A few months ago I asked for some liquid eyeliner recommendations and one which kept cropping up was Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. It had big boots to fill. I was a huge fan of the Illamasqua Precision Ink liner but wanted to try something to find a competitor One of the things I really loved about the Illamasqua liner was its longevity. I used this liquid liner virtually every day and it lasted well over a year! So whilst expensive at £21 – it was worth it in my eyes.

If you’ve been around my blog in the past year you’ll know that I’ve become a bit of a Stila obsessive. It’s a range I’m quickly falling in love with. I’m a good 3 months into using this now after finishing the Precision Ink up in December – one thing I will say is that I don’t think that this is going to have the same shelf life as my Illamasqua(which was a liquid dip pot with felt nib compared to a felt-tipped pen). I think this will naturally dry out within around 6 months of using daily and at £14.50 it’s likely going to cost more than Illamasqua’s.

The packaging of this as usual is Stila’s sleek gold box which contains a simple black pen featuring gold lettering. At first swatch, I was already pretty dubious about this liner. If you see below it’s not a complete smooth line, but sinks and settles into cracks in the skin. However, as long as you don’t have wrinkled eyelids and you’re applying this over an eyeshadow it won't bleed. It needs a shadow to soak up the moisture. On its own, I find it bleeds a little and is more prone to transferring. The formula is quite watery and liquid-y and benefits hugely from a powder to soak into.

The nib of this is long and tapered and not as flexible as what I'm used t. As soon got used to the flex in this brush, it became easy to control, but it definitely needs a firm have to boss it around. The size of the nib makes it easy to create a nice thin line from the inner corner before tapering out to be wider towards the outer corner. The pigment of this is decent, over a normal eyeshadow I find this works really well, it settles and drys quickly before it has chance to transfer. Over textured shadows or glitters such as the magnificent metals, it definitely needs multiple layers, as it soaks in too much and loses pigment along the way. It needs that second layer to create an obvious black line.

The liner is incredibly long wearing and doesn’t budge all day – I’m not convinced it’s fully waterproof, especially because I’m currently trialling a MUFE liner which claims to be waterproof, which lasted three days on my hand through hand washing and showers. This one wouldn’t stand the test of time to that extent on my hand, but water-resistant yes, shower proof no, pool proof – maybe, lightly.

I don’t think this beats Illamasqua to the top spot, but it’s a very close second for me. I spotted a really good discount on a travel sized version of this eyeliner a few weeks ago and decided to pick up a back up– the real test as to whether I would repurchase it at full price is how long it lasts using it daily. I think the key is storing this upside down to make sure the nib is constantly getting a good flow of product.

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