YAS - dry shampoo meets hairspray - Salon Graphix NYC

So much yes to this product! Salon Graphix NYC "Do-it-all Dry Texture Hairspray"
Volumizes - Refreshes - Holds.
Definitely gave volume to my hair, and held it where I wanted it, but didn't hold it as hard as other products that are solely hairsprays. I actually like this because it was a perfect medium for me for when I don't want such a strong hold, but good volume.
Love that it's BOTH a dry shampoo and hairspray. Love even more that it's FREE of Parabens, Petrolatum, Sulfates, Mineral Oil and it's Vegan Friendly, etc. 
Will be using this for sure! 
LMK if you wanna try! 
XO Pontea 


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  • Shannon citrino

    I love me a great dry shampoo! My hair is 32" so washing every day is not an option. I've tried so many dry shampoos...finding the right one for your hair type is important! My favorite right now is Garnier fructis coconut!! It doesnt leave that white residue some dry shampoos do.

  • Christy Sargent

    2 Amazing uses in 1 product. Sign me up!!!

  • Jennifer Hall

    Your hair looks amazing afterwards. I've tried tons of dry shampoos and theyve never given me hair like that. Cant wait to try.

  • Laura

    Need this in my life 😱

  • Naf

    Wow I like that it's both a dry shampoo and hairspray. I'll need to try this one. When I need a quick hair remedy, I use a dry shampoo because it works very well for me, it's quick and efficient.

  • Evelyn bennett

    I think this may be the one. I keep testing out dry shampoo and it never works. Mayne this one will help.

  • Tess

    I’ve been using Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo and it’s a life saver! I wash my hair every 2-3 days in an effort to save time so dry shampoo has become a staple for my thick, wavy and unruly hair routine.

  • April

    So im not sure if im using my "Not your mother's" dry shampoo correctly.? But mine leaves a white residue on my hair. Im going to try the Salon Graphix dry shampoo you used and see if there's a difference. Love your video btw!

  • Ashley Hunt

    I use a ton of dry shampoo! Lately I've been using Tresemme but most often use IGK, it's the best! I only wash my hair every 3 days, so on day 3 I usually wear it in a bun, or pony.

  • Sarah

    This sound amazing I love dry shampoo and it is a definitely a go too. Usually spray and throw up in a messy bun!

  • Sarah

    Love your post! My quick dos are deffebtally using dry shampoo! And i love just the plain jane drug store brand!! And Aussie quick up do woukd be to slick back your hair with gel or moose! Put it in a low pony tail and crimp the pony! And I love nyx dry shampoo and seems to last very ling!

  • Amanda

    What a good review, I use Dove Dry Shampoo and it works AWESOME!👍

  • Mandie

    Oh how awesome is this? I've never heard of this one before. I really like that it's a hairspray as well as a dry shampoo. I'll definitely have to try it. Thanks for sharing doll

  • Cait Burrie

    I'm a dry shampoo aholic for sure. I have some that add volume and dry shampoo, but not hairsprat and dry shampoo.

  • Tiffany

    When i need to wash my hair but don't have time an updo is my secret weapon! Because i have curly hair it is totally easy and no one knows what's up. Using a dry shampoo on my curly hair work end well since I can't comb the product out so I don't have too much experience with them.

  • Marilyn Wagner

    How amazing!!! Dry shampoo and hairspray in one!!! My heart just skipped a beat and I'm jumping for joy to try this!!! I always thought that dry shampoo added a nice touch of volume to my very fine hair but being able to style it and clean it all in once is like a miracle in a can!!! I hope this isn't too good to be true because I'm definitely about to make this purchase!!

  • Maxine Crawford

    LMK I would love to try this as my hair is so fine and thin. I would love the volume plus it being a dry shampoo. What a nice 3 in 1 combo!!!

  • Emma

    I either use dry shampoo or i just put my hair into a bun.

  • eleemac

    Hair seem in control, so cool

  • jim jill

    i use klorane dry shampoo or wear a hat

  • Erika Sirgenson

    I put my hair up when I need a quick remedy.

  • Lana Stanberry

    That sounds great.I have to say i have never heard of dry shampoo with hairspray!Gonna have to check it out.

  • Carriann Hatfield

    I will definitely be at Ulta today looking for this. I Have To Try It!!!

  • Diane Mullings

    Whoa! I actually wanna invest in that Salon Graphix NYC "Do-it-all Dry Texture Hairspray! Normally, I'd simply keep my curly hair in a pineapple on top of my head during the night, spritz a little water in sections throughout my hair in the morning and using "praying hands" add LottaBody mousse or curl activator to my hair and it keeps it super-defined, bouncy, shiny and well-maintained until the weekend or mid-week until I can give my hair all the love and attention it needs! When I saw how quickly you moved with that little thing, I got jelly real quick! Lol! I actually saw a difference in how your hair looked after using the spray and it is dope! I wanna try this for the mere fact that it looks like it works and having Endo makes me super conscious of avoiding products that contain parabens and sulfates which makes this dry shampoo even more awesome for not having any in it! My curly hair deserves a treat, I think I'll give this one a try! Thank you for the video!

  • Crystal

    Since I have asthma i don't think this is a good idea for me. but it does sound like a good product considering they are excluding bad things.

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