You NEED this top coat, let's get real

Hey everyone! It's your girl Nicole and I just wanted to give a lil heads up on a very interesting product that I have been using for a couple years now


📍So a couple years ago Sally Hansen launched there new miricle gel nail polish. Supposed to be there best self manicure without actually going to the salon and I was totally sold. I purchased 4 awesome shades and I didn't forget the most important part. THE TOP COAT.

🎉The top coat is the cherry on top if you want your gel polish to last even 5 hours, I am dead serious. This seals in everything without needing that annoying ass uv lamp. No one wants to really wait on that thing, right?

🚫I am going to be real and honest with all of you, I am NOT a fan of the Sally Hansen miracle gel at all. This product did not last that long on my nails and I can think of a few products that I think outshine for sure. AND lastly the polishes only last a year before they get so nasty. So I honestly would say just stick to the salon manicure if you really want it to last. But if you ARE curious don't forget to grab that top coat sealant. Because it's really garbage without it for real then.

ok everyone, I hope you enjoyed the post! What's a fail nail polish that you know about? Tell me in the comments below and drop the 😍♥ for a chance to score 156 COINS. If you havnt followed ur bia, go do it and I'll follow you back and show some love too! Thanks see ya later gators

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