You will be amazed by the different designs

I highly recommend Color Street With so many designes that they carry and they also donate money to different causes It's real nail polish and no matter what they don't chip no matter how much you may wash your hands or what kind of work you may do! I highly recommend using color street I promise you will not be disappointed! In the photo I provided is just a few different designs and even better you can give your self a pedicure they also carry French Manicures they are really easy to apply! I love them 

and even better they always have specials and it's cheaper to do your own and they look professional 

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  • Y-D-O-J

    I have wanted to try these for a while! Thank you for telling me about them a little and showing all the amazing designs!!

  • Sabrina

    These are soooo pretty! What is the process of applying them? 💜