YourFit Perfect Custom Ampoule Set

I was really excited when I got chosen to try out the Yourfit Perfect Custom Ampoule set. Mainly because I recently tried their ampoule & Sheetmask set and absolutely loved it. This set comes with six small bottles filled with ampoule solution that is chosen for YOUR specific skincare needs. I personally have been focusing more on anti-aging and brightening my skin so the kit they sent me contained three anti-aging ampoules and three whitening ampoules. I was literally so excited to try them out when I got them that I literally cut my finger open trying to open the ampoules. So I would suggest being careful when opening them. Anyway the set comes with four droppers and are designed to distribute the ampoule at a perfect ratio. You literally squeeze the dropper and just enough solution comes out to cover your entire face and the best part is no wasted product. One thing I found a bit odd is that the bottles are filled to the half way point, but I’m sure there is a reason for that. 

Both ampoules have a nice light weight consistency to them and immediately start to absorb into my skin upon application. They leave a very nice moisturizing feeling on my skin and my skin is left feeling plump and hydrated. I love that their is no tacky feeling left behind. That is always a positive when applying any kind of serum or ampoule to my skin. My skin is also left with a fantastic glow to it. These ampoules are really amazing and feel great on the skin. I certainly wouldn’t mind using these on a regular basis. 

Some of the key ingredients for the anti-aging ampoule are lemon extract, copper, apple extract, willow bark extract, lichen extract, orange extract, soybean oil, and more. 

Some of the key ingredients for the whitening ampoule are aloe, Niacinamide, lemon extract, apple extract, orange extract, lichen, willow bark, Sodium Hyaluronate, Anise extract and more. 


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  • Daisy

    This seems like a great thing. I would love to try it. The products look really high quality and i really need a new anti-aging skin regimen. Thank you so much for sharing. I will definitely check it out!