YUNIFANG Chamomile Sleeping Mask ( quick review)

Came across this sleeping mask during one of my AliExpress adventures and couldn’t resist buying it. The packaging is honestly what grabbed me. I love the shape of the jar and the rustic wooden lid. It comes with ALOT of product in the jar like seriously this sleeping mask will probably last around a good three months give or take. 

The consistency of the mask is a very light weight creamy texture. It glides on to the skin and immediately starts to absorb upon application. It leaves a nice hydrating feel to the skin and because it contains chamomile it helps to calm any kind of irritation or redness that my be lingering on the skin. In the morning when I go to wash the sleeping mask off I am so shocked at how soft and supple my skin actually feels ( it’s incredible). The scent of the mask is a little on the strong side. The mask smells of fresh chamomile and will definitely hit the senses. Overall it is a pretty great sleeping mask and the brand is very generous with how much the provides in each jar. I have one more mask to try from this brand and I’m very excited to see how I will feel about that one. I’m glad I got to share my experience. 


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